You Know You Are Dating a PUERTO RICAN Man When…

El morro? Of course It's that way Oh ok

Thank you! Actually, I'm free If you want, you can go with me I can show you My name is Jorge Nice to meet you

Marina Nice to meet you *speak Spanish* His mom used to do this potato with stuffed potato

Super good! Where are you going? Out with my friends Like that? Yeah Do you have a problem? Okay Meg, just give me a call when you guys get here I'm waiting, ok? Jorge! What are you doing here? I thought it was cold, so Come on you've got to be kidding me I hate you But I love you Babe Aren't you sick of eating this unhealthy food I mean you eat it every day Why? Rice is good

Beans mejor And chulettaYou have to try I know you like it No

And it's super fried I'm gonna stick to my hummus You enjoy that *Speaks Spanish* Babe

It's mom She wanna talk to you Your mom? Hola senora Rivera Yes I tried the chuletta It was very, very tasty

Source: Youtube

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