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(pop music) – Selena Gomez reacts to Justin Bieber getting cozy with an Insta model, and he may have effed up their relationship for good Plus Justin reacts to Sel getting cozy with one of his buddies

Wow, Jelena is so messy right now (pop music) Hey, guys, it's Ali with your Daily Bieber, and Justin and Selena Gomez's temporary split is starting to look more permanent as she was seen getting flirty with a mystery man on a yacht in Sydney Harbour, Australia Well we did a little digging, ans it turns out the guy Selena got handsy with is one Johnny Rays, no, not a porn actor considering that name He's a mutual church friend of both Selena and Justin But don't think that makes this all good

Our reporters in LA with sources close to Justin say he was not happy seeing Selena so comfortable with Johnny boy Justin has been fighting feelings of jealously after seeing the images and was briefly doing everything he could to be patient and give her the time and space she wants Clearly time ran out, though, because Justin was seen with a mystery blonde at the after party for Patrick Schwarzenegger's film Midnight Sun

But she's a mystery no more JB's lady friend has been identified as Baskin Champion and, shocker, she's an Instagram model But to be fair to the lovely Baskin, she also is a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit rookie, a gig she got through her Instagram fame, and she was named Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014 before Instagram was really even popping But how did Bieby meet Baskin? Well we're hearing exclusively Patrick Schwarzenegger is the one who introduced her to Justin when Patrick started dating Baskin's sister, Abby Champion, who is also a model JB was then spotted dancing up on Baskin at a Craig David concert in Hollywood

Paps even got them getting into a car together afterwards, and they reportedly went back to Justin's mansion together So what is going on here? What about Jelena? Well according to out reporters in LA with sources close to Justin, it turns out he fully intended to be seen with Baskin in order to make Selena jealous He saw that yacht video and was like, hey, two can play that game, and while Justin is attracted to Baskin, and they do have real chemistry, we're told exclusively his heart is still with Selena

The media coverage of this has been intense, and we're told he knows Selena will have seen the story and thinks she'll be running back to him shortly Selena meanwhile is headed back from her trip to Australia, and we're told she is not feeling these games Our reporters with sources close to Sel say she is furious and humiliated seeing Justin with Baskin Sel is currently giving JB the silent treatment, ignoring all his texts and calls We're told Selena is very hurt, and she thinks Justin turned their relationship break into a full on breakup

Now if things are really done for now between Justin and Selena, maybe she could strike back by hitting up Justin's long lost brother, Tony Bieber Haters will say it's photoshopped Meanwhile Selena hasn't posted anything in response to the Justin Baskin date, but one of her friends did throw up a pic of Sel wearing a shirt that says choose empathy, so maybe she's ready to forgive already We're going to keep digging into this Jelena story, because one thing we know for sure, the saga of Jelena will literally never be over So click right here to subscribe to our channel for your Daily Bieber almost everyday

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