Dating Someone New – Part 2

Did it work? >> Yes, it did So, what I'm saying is- >> [LAUGH] >> I'm just confused

>> We have an audience of virgins here so this is amazing >> Yes, nobody here- >> This is a miracle >> Everybody here- >> Wait, so my question is, you guys, seriously So my question is, don't these people have jobs, like what are you doing? >> Well, we're talking about >> So you go to your job, you come back, and then you stay with the person

>> What if it's a Friday night? >> Friday nights I understand But do you only do this on a Friday night? >> It depends on your off days, things like that, seriously That's what we're talking about >> There are people that go to their job, and guess what? Come right back to their man's house There are people that if they're dating a guy, they will come right back

Am I lying? No I'm not Take it further than that >> They will come right back >> Take it further than that, there are people that have already set up a little draw for your own self with your deodorant- >> Yeah >> Your tampons, your toothbrush

They even, sometimes, will make themselves their own key You know who you are >> I take that and put it work There you go >> That is weird

>> That is weird But that's our advice >> What were you saying [INAUDIBLE] >> No, you don't leave nothing in my house Cuz my other boo might catch me

So [LAUGH] no, see- >> So wait, so going back to what Lonnie was saying When I start dating I actually don't want people to come to my house cuz it's a lot harder than you think to kick somebody out >> No, because you want that control Jeannie- >> No, I want that control to be like bye! And leave >> Yeah, you get up, yeah that's the, yeah >> Yeah, cuz if they're there at your house, how do you? >> It's harder to get someone out, I would think than for you to get up and walk out

>> No it's not, no it's not, you got to go >> [APPLAUSE] >> That's it, that's it >> I do think it is important- >> [APPLAUSE] >> To keep some mystery I don't know if any of you guys have ever read the book The Rules >> Yes

>> Okay, there's this book, it's called The Rules, and I read it back in the day And it actually says that you should keep some mystery For instance it has somethings in there that you should treat yourself or act like a creature like none other Which means that you should hold yourself to a certain status But more importantly, like if you're on a phone conversation, as a woman, you should always be the first to hang up

So that you leave them hanging for more and the other thing is to keep the mystery I think this is kind of true you guys If you keep a little bit of mystery there you should never be there so long that he's looking at you like he wants you to leave >> That's so much work >> Leave before he wants you to leave

>> So much work >> Look at this fine dressed gentleman >> I feel like- >> [APPLAUSE] >> Wait, wait, wait What did he say? What did you say, sir? >> What did you say? >> What did you just say? >> I said if you leave him wanting more >> Yeah, yes

>> He'll always come back >> Exactly >> [APPLAUSE] >> Wait a minute, wait a minute I ain't thinking about him, I'm thinking about me See, that's why y'all, y'all think about it in the wrong manner

What is it that you want, okay? >> [APPLAUSE] >> That it ain't about him >> No >> It's about me I don't care No, no, no, we gotta change this thinking ladies

Okay, you are in control of what you want You aint gotta sit up here and play these games with these men >> That's what I'm saying >> Don't do that >> That's way to much work

>> You say what you want and how you want it and make it >> Keep the mystery I swear >> Keep the mystery by not staying overnight three, or four straight days in a row >> That's what I'm saying, leave

>> And don't get it twisted, what Adrian is saying is not to play games, it's you are booked, you are busy, you gotta life- >> Yeah >> Do you, don't live his life, on your terms >> [APPLAUSE] >> Go do your thing, yes >> I don't play games, if I wanna have relations I have relations I’m a grown woman I don’t have to play no games


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