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Hello and welcome to Planet Janet This week, I’m on the prowl I’m looking for a partner and no just for the badminton I did have Mick fae upstairs but he disnae get his Viagra delivery til next Tuesday So I got ma grand weans to set me up on that dating app So let’s jump in There I am, I’m having a great time There I am at Christmas time full o the gin And here I am oan ma gap year Awww, young yins love a gap year I’ve put my work down as being a full time legend Hilarious I’m a widow times two A gin enthusiast, a grandchild ignorer It says here “I don’t know why it says 21 lol” I know, I’m a liar Age range 18 to… is there no a death? I’ve sent this to men and women cause at my age you realise you can have a donut and a yum yum Right, right, right So you play rugby son? How’s your ball handling skills? This guy’s no hot enough no tae hae a bio Nickleback in his top artists, I’m 76 and even I know that’s shite I’ll tell you this son, take some photies by yersel or get some uglier pals Here’s a heating engineer, ma boiler’s needin fixed Hello handsome, I’m up for anything He’s just ugly Oaft, you’ve got a foreheid like a cheese grater Oh, he’s a slice o trifle I hope I’m no getting blowfished Lino? I’ve got him on my kitchen flair I’m like chips and beans, I go with anything Don’t worry, we can kid on you’re my carer I help manage Stirling Albion so make a bit of money There’s more money doon the side of ma couch son I’m just gonnae pity message this guy Oh wait the noo, what’s this? It’s a message fae Mick up the stairs Oh ho The Viagra’s came early I hope he disnae

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